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Support The Effort

BCDC is seeking $500,000 through the crowd sourcing website www.indiegogo.com for the completion of our next phase. Our goal is to reach out to every citizen of the digital age to support us with as much as they feel their individual privacy is worth. We will be launching our effort on October 22nd. Follow the countdown!

Donation Tiers

The Three Donors



The Silver tier, which is a Donation of $25 through $99, is rewarded with a “BCDC T-Shirt”.



The Gold Tier is any donation between $100 through $499 and is awarded with “Access to BCDC Founder’s “Seven Day Quickstart” Video Series, The BCDC Monthly Webinars” plus the reward of the Sliver Tier.



The Platinum Tier is a Donation of $500 or above and is rewarded with “Listed Branding on the BCDC Site”, “A Development Seat”, “Access to Internal Dashboard”, “Licensed Single User to Develop Transaction Contracts”,  plus the Gold, and Sliver.

Corporate Level



The Diamond tier, which is a Donation of $5,000 is rewarded with a Guest Appearance to promote the companies application or use case, a Sponsored Episode on New Cyber Frontier Podcast”, “, and a “License Seat for Corporate Development”.

*Upon Public Release

*Contact BCDC for more information on Beta Release partnership

*Contact BCDC for possible board membership for the BCDC non-governing body. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE, BOD APPROVAL REQUIRED

Sending Payments

What Your Help Provides

With your contributions we will be able to expand our services to and will be the key to

Employ developers

Fund infrastructure

Provide community with jobs in blockchain