Privacy For The People

Blockchain Development Community’s crowd funding campaign will take the initiative on advocating digital privacy for individuals in our society



       Two cybersecurity professionals sit down and discuss the needs for privacy in today’s modern age. They talk about the new crowd-sourcing effort currently being put together ‘Privacy For The People’. They explain how Important achieving full privacy for people is, and how businesses and government need to be held more accountable online. This is exactly what ‘Privacy for the People’ is bringing awareness to.

      “Privacy for the People” is our outreach effort to engage the general public to support finalizing the BCDC Blockchain Marketplace and engage with the platform as we release it for everyone to use.

       The Blockchain Marketplace is a parallel distributed ledger platform which has overcome many of the common blockchain limitations and can achieve indefinite scalability by its modular design approach. At its core is a new type of consensus which eliminates mining (and energy waste), and rewards users with an incentive model based on continued contribution over time. The marketplace is literally a “New World Order” as it provides neutral governance with public visibility to any control structures while supporting privacy of individual participants as its primary charter.

          The marketplace consists of base modules which are expanded and augmented by private individuals or companies to operate their own business model, and protect their own digital content/identities. Its designs support integration and optimization for nearly any business model as it utilizes “transaction contracts” to enforce contractual requirements, control content, or even license those transactions for others to use.