Host Chris Gorog and guest Dave Schoenberger of Eclypses discuss how Blockchain can be an enabler of individual privacy. Desire for accountability and trust for the digital world  is becoming more mainstream as we see governments, professionals, and regulations  require enforcement of privacy. Blockchain’s overall importance has not been fully recognized, but ‘Privacy for the People’ is committed to making a global blockchain marketplace a reality. 

This special episode on Blockchain goes into what the state of Colorado can expect in the progressive technologies such as cyber-security, data protection, and blockchain. Listen in, as five experts discuss the importance of data protection for both businesses, and individuals. Industries such as the medical field can also benefit from these emerging technologies. Our effort,  ‘Privacy for the People,’ is focused on making data protection a reality.

    Blockchain Development Community (BCDC) and partners, New Cyber Frontier and Block Frame Inc., design to support adoption of blockchain platforms to enable privacy for individuals in society. The effort, a first of its kind is initiated in support of the widely popular efforts which have been ongoing since 2017 by volunteers across the country who support Blockchain distributed ledger focused on “Privacy for the People”.

     BCDC engages the community far and wide to follow and contribute to the effort as it goes live. The effort to provide privacy for the people, needs the people to provide and contribute to enable tools for privacy to exist. We reach out to every citizen of the digital age to support us. Criminals, hackers, large companies, and nations’ states are contributing billions to exploit you. We need your help to counter this attack.

     Throughout the last year, more than 30 software developers have been building a blockchain distributed ledger designed to support indefinitely scalability while resolving many of the design limiting issues with current public blockchains. The Blockchain Development Community and its members have supported  with thousands of hours of development time, with their own facilities and computers.

       The primary focus of this effort which was first conceived after co-founders were able to successfully introduce and drive through legislation in the state of Colorado to require Blockchain Distributed ledger to be incorporated into statewide programs in order to improve visibility to citizens, hold government accountable, reduce government waste and fraud, and enable individual citizens’ privacy. Colorado SB18-086 was approved by 97% bi-partisan support and signed into law in May 2018. Since then the BCDC group has taken seriously the will of the Colorado people and made it their charter to design and implement a public global scalable blockchain marketplace.  This platform is now ready for release and will empower for the first time a capability for individuals to gain control over the disposition of their content in the digital age.